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New Drum & Bass Chart – 2.07.15


Twas my birthday yesterday, and the celebration of choice – although it frightened some and alienated many – was a night in Building Six with Hospital Records. These guys are currently my favourite label and co-share that title with the all dominating Shogun Audio. Considering Icicle, Dub Phizix, S.P.Y and Metrik were all tapping in for the occasion, I figured I wouldn’t have time to commiserate my lost youth and missing maturity for very long.

This post is being written in advance, as by the time it's up, I anticipate I will be crawling in the door from Greenwich, revelling in the luxury of my mattress, rubbing my aching ankles and sleeping the daylight hours into darkness again. At an ancient 27 years of age – I am still waiting for the day when I ‘grow out’ of drum and bass and I have very large doubts that this will be the year. With festivals beginning to release their seriously sick lineups, I think my geriatric ass will see another day of skank! One is never too old for the d&b.

Check the previous Drum & Bass chart right here.

Mob Tactics
[RAM Records]

Mob Tactics take it large as ever in this one! Judging by the comments it's gathering on Soundcloud - someone threw up in their mouth and everyone else is throwing their shoes due to how hard this tune goes. Not sure my commentary can compete - pass the sick bag!

"The View"
DRS Ft LSB & Tyler Dale

More DRS, more goodness...just more basically! The perfect mix of beauty and grit.

Whip Slap
[MTA Records]

I straight love when Annie Mac screams over the beginning of a track and that's not even sarcasm. I don't know what it is but it pumps me right up. Leading you straight into a blaster like this, I can understand what she's yelling about! Get at it!

"All Over The World (I SEE MONSTAS Remix)"
Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas 
[Demand Records]

I SEE MONSTAS, or the artist formerly known as Monsta if you prefer a mouthful, can do no wrong in my eyes. "I See Circles" is their finest tune of all time but this is pretty damn tight too.

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[RAM Records]

Not something you'd like to be locked in a basement to admittedly. She's a bit creepy and sinister but you don't get a title like Snarl for no good reason. So many wicked effects working together in this piece - but listen to it with the lights on  - or not!

"Think Of"
[Med School]

New chilled release coming at you from the honchos at Med School Records! Sunchase or Alexander Pavlenko is hailed with helping along the establishment of drum and bass in the Ukraine - no biggie. Producing music like this, it's no wonder really...

[Titan Records]

Holy shit! For a minute there I didn't know where this was going (nothing new there especially!) but then A-Cray took a whopping great breath and exhaled in a spasm of knocking beat, great build through and some twizzly bits that I don't know the name for.  Czech Republic reppppp!

"Wish You Were Mine (Dexcell Remix)"
Phillip George 

Love the twinkly lead in on this Phillip George track... it's a good tune already, but let's face it - what isn't improved  with a drum and bass backdrop? Not much bro!

"Retrospect (Koven Remix)"

Builder! This beat has got the best of absolutely everything - hard and fast, all wrapped up in a silky little package. Mmmm....

Current Value
[Critical Music]

Taking you out on something silent, deadly and relentless....

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