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New Drum & Bass Chart – 2.16.15

1st Shot

You literally could not escape the tsunami of red shit cascading from the shelves of every supermarket, department store and corner shop this Valentines. So as the coupled-up indulged in the cuddle this Saturday, others spent this day of romance spooning their sub-woofers instead – pants on, promise. Then, let's skip the silly shit and begin looking forward to spending money on something other than choccies, flowers and misguided underwear purchases - the almighty summer festivals for example!

Some sick lineups are beginning to spew forth, as each event attempts to outdo the next with their choice of artists,  unique stages and exotic locations. Here in the UK, some of the big boys are showcasing good dnb representation such as We Are Festival in Essex (May 30th/31st) and Parklife Weekender in Manchester (June 6th/7th) – the first of which is repping Hospo and the last of which, boasting the man Andy C and his tent of pleasures. That came out wrong., but swiftly moving on! You would be mad to miss out on some of the events the summer has planned for you so put down that teddybear, chuck the coin in the piggybank and burn off your excess energy running in a circle to the below instead. Goodbye Valentines - hello S.P.Y, Spor and many more (put that in your poetry pipe and smoke it!)

Check out the full playlist for the chart here.

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"BRSTL Hardcore"

Yes S.P.Y again – and what! This track has created waves releasing on OWSLA’s (Skrillex owned) free-music imprint platform - Nest. There's 4 new tracks of the good stuff available, in celebration of Bristol, as a free download.

"As I Need You"
[Sotto Voce]

Bit of a ledge this man! Not a badly carved reputation for a guy with the last name Gooch! (I'm a 12 year old boy, sorry.) This track follows on from a sick Prodigy remix released a couple of weeks back - Spor's coming through with a new album 'Caligo' in March which is hotly anticipated and much hyped...I'll just leave you with this and you let me know how you get on.

"Jazz Club"
Document One
[Technique Recordings]

Loving the laidback vibes – this one is off the 15 Years of Technique Recordings album which is being put together by label owners, Drumsound & Bassline Smith .

"Move Faster"
[MTA Records]

Dimension is the shit. Whip Slap is caning the other tracks on the Beatport Drum & Bass 100 this week and there's another two tunes to choose from if that isn't your cup of tea...Move Faster is the only one I haven't jammed on about without further ado!

Tossed a mini-mix in for free because I'm a good 'un.

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"Snakes & Ladders”
Calyx & TeeBee
[RAM Records]

Near on bloody impossible to find a stream of online but where there’s a tune – there’s a way! I can see this one being dropped at the height of frenzy and absolutely kicking brains in….like!

Current Value
[Blackout Music]

Good things are worth waiting for but for the impatient among us,  luckily this track doesn’t make you wait too long – tossing in tune builders as it barrels along.

Ed Sheeran and Rudimental
[Asylum Records]

The little auburn kid’s trail of friends and collabs across different genres is a constant source of confusion for me…this isn’t to say however, that I don’t think he doesn’t do a damn good job. Particularly in the grime scene – and this one with Rudimental is a grower too…

"Light Me On Fire" 
Dub FX (High Maintenance Remix)

Far be it from me to let a healthy NZ/Australia rivalry impact on the bringing of good sound. Melbourne maaaate Dub FX does the antipodean branch of the drum and bass dynasty proud here. Shh, that dynasty is a thing. High Maintenance takes it all next level with his spin on a tight much good stuff coming from this lad...

Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris
[Vision Recordings]

Having just discovered the UKF Mefjus podcast for running pleasure, I was over-enthused to see this tag team of goodness release the following track....trifecta up!

Rameses B ft. Veela

Maybe I am feeling soppier than I thought – this starts off as lovely slow one, then begins to smash away with surprising energy. Guess you could probably have a tumble to it this Valentines Day, if so inclined.

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