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New Drum & Bass Chart – 2.21.15


Yeah, she likes the evil stuff.

This was muttered, with a head bob in my general direction, between colleagues at work this week. No, they didn’t mean the white stuff, my religious persuasion, or even an admirable womanly fondness for hard liquor – they meant my drum & bass preference.

This, although said with a smidge of disdain, I can’t help but feel a bit proud about. I have a hearty respect for these two old school junglists – they have been enjoying the music for years longer than myself and have seen more dnb, heard more dnb and no doubt, contorted to more dnb than I could ever dream of. However, individuality is crucially important in music and without it, we wouldn’t have such a broad and devastating mixture of tunes or styles to choose from.

No matter whether your personal tastes run to the smooth and mellow, or the dark and disturbing – drum and bass spans all age gaps, heart rates and opinions. Hopefully the line-up below is reflective of that, and there is something to both terrify and appease my lovely co-workers.

Check out the full playlist for the chart here.

Check the previous Drum & Bass chart right here.

"I Don’t Mind"
[Shogun Audio]

Have not stopped listening to "Always" since I stumbled upon it. Now, thanks to the equally brilliant AA side of their first release from ‘The Mistress," I can at least mix up my obsessive compulsive pressing of the repeat button.

Signs, MC Coppa
[Vandal Records]

Mmmm the MC - gaining a new appreciation for a good one! MC Coppa make a sick track here all the sicker. Fully in support of this murky monster.

"High Water Mark"
[Viper Recordings]

Only as fresh as last year with Viper, Cyantific has not faffed around by any means. Cool intros on the tracks this week – there’s a buzzy indie rock sort of background to this one – which then kung fu’s through into energy and warping bassline.

"Incessant "
[Vision Recordings]

I guess this is what my line manager meant about the evil stuff – but seriously, oooooooofffff! So dark and dripping with good.

Friction Vs. Icicle
[Shogun Audio]

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Shogun Audio. The artists on this label are just next level. "Crucifix" ticks all the boxes here but I mean, look at the team – no shit this is good. And oi, if you’re in London, come along to Basslaced presents: Shogun Audio at Electric Brixton on March 20th.

"The Hole Where Your House Was"
[Sotto Voce]

Spor is everywhere at the moment with much buzz circulating for the BitTorrent release of Caligo and his upcoming UK tour. You very well may try resist the hype, but first, oh man, just listen to this track. I don’t even care about my house - this is sexual audio love at first listen.

"Human Mind"
Tantrum Desire
[Technique Recordings]

The veteran duo, Tantrum Desire, have slapped a unique vocal overlay on this bad boy - taken from the 15 years of Technique album.

"Ice Hands"
[Hospital Records]

If absolutely any of your limbs were cold, pre-listen of this track, that won’t be the bloody case at the end! Nice long slow ease into a beautiful ruckus of drums. The track goes absolutely nuts.

"Safety Hatch"
[Underslung Audio]

Aside from being dubbed an "effing lunatic" in the Souncloud comments for this track, there are other truths hidden amongst the comment panel. Brilliant sum ups include – "dense," "gut churner," and "woah the wobbles." Couldn’t have said it better myself, random internet strangers.

[RAM Records]

Bensley is straight out of Toronto and signed with RAM, end of 2013, off the back of a single demo. There’s a lot of buzz about this one – wouldn’t hurt keeping an eye on his bits and pieces I’d say. As for "Fandango," what is happening here!? Weird. Bizarre. Fantastic.

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