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New Eric Prydz & CHVRCHES 'Tether' Video

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New Eric Prydz & CHVRCHES 'Tether' Video

Oh when Eric Prydz gets his hands on a track. Sure to become one of the biggest mixes of the year, his embrace on the CHVRCHES track "Tether" feels like the key to creation. Like the final element to human happiness at last found.

The mix doesn't vary much from the original track simply because it doesn't need to. CHVRCHES' "Tether" from their 2013 album The Bones of What You Believe was already a euphoric stunner, it just lacked that extra something. By adding a dance kick and streaming the euphoric melody throughout the track's every extremity, the remix seems to put it all together.

Both nostalgic and stimulating, the video accentuates these feels. The rush of euphoria becomes intertwined with memories of movies like "Flight of the Navigator" and "2001: A Space Odyssey," the latter of which is almost certainly intentional.

Eric Prydz might not have had to change much, but what he did makes a big impact. The track is available now on Beatport.

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