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New Future Bass Songs - 2.16.15

There were so many amazing releases this week it was hard to narrow it down to just 10 tunes. I did my best, and I think you'll definitely like what I have for you this week.

New Future Bass Songs - 2.16.15

1. "Darkernature" - Djemba Djemba feat. Mr. Carmack
Djemba Djemba just released 13 “leftover beats” on Soundcloud that span a wide range of genres. This one was one of my favorites, and as the title suggests it has a dark, gloomy vibe to it.

2. "The Ritzy" - Mele
Experimental heat from UK bass producer Mele. Feels like traveling on a never-ending elevator.

3. "Do You?" - TroyBoi
TroyBoi’s beats always seem to have a Mr. Carmack feel to them, but with his own personal touch. Downtempo, bass-heavy vibes on this one.

4. "Energy (Madeaux Remix)" - Drake
I know a lot of blogs have been asking to hold off on the Drake remixes, but I couldn’t resist posting this one. The bouncy bass line on this one sounds a little like DJ Mustard if he embraced future music.

5. "Rock Wit U (Snakehips Remix)" - Ashanti
Valentine’s Day may have already happened, but I had to post this super sexy Snakehips remix.

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6. "Song title" - Prince William
Slow jam from Fade To Mind’s Prince William. Perfect blend of R&B and club/grime vibes right here.

7. "Nectar" - Josh Pan
Digital, glitched-out chaos from Josh Pan. It’s so weird, but in the best way possible. By the way... did you hear the big Josh Pan reveal?

8. "Mustard" - Oshi
DJ Mustard gets the Oshi treatment on this future beats banger.

9. "Ecstasy" - Djemba Djemba feat. Penthouse Penthouse
I couldn’t pick just one of the new Djemba tracks, so I had to throw my second favorite in this week’s new future bass songs. This one is more vibrant and ambient than the other. You can definitely hear the Penthouse Penthouse influence on here.

10. "22PM" - Haan808 & Milo Mills
I’m not even sure what genre to call this track. It moves from future beats to club to ethereal electronic so quickly it’s hard to really pick one.

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