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New Madeon Video Continues Visually Stunning Story

New Madeon Video Continues Visually Stunning Story

A new Madeon video has emerged ahead of the release of his album Adventure due March 31st. The video is of his latest single "Pay No Mind" with Passion Pit and is the second part of story centered around a girl and her attempt to escape from an urban jungle devoid of any real life.

Both videos focus on a mystery monolith which is becoming an increasingly popular symbol these days. The monolith bears the Madeon icon from Adventure and, in a sense, convey the notion that the music may be the escape route.

While no doubt gorgeous to look at, the most impressive feature of these videos is their story. It might not be the most enthralling of tales but at least Madeon is using his resources to generate creative content, instead of just mashing up a bunch of live fan footage.

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"Pay No Mind" is currently #3 on the Spotify US Viral Chart, and the hype behind the album as a whole continues to build. The new video and its predecessor "You're On" are below. What will be the next chapter in this story?

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