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New Platform Aims To Lauch Artists

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New Platform Aims To Lauch Artists

The new music platform, Wavo has already risen to prominence as a site for both artists and fans alike. They've helped connect the two, but now their helping give both what they really want - more fans and free music.

French house duo Arno Cost and Arias developed a following years ago, but they just released their first single in 9 years, "At Night", on the this new service.

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The new service called Wavo Pro helps fans get free music in exchange for being outspoken on social media channels - something that's not likely a foreign concept.

Wavo Pro works by connecting users with a free download accessible through following, sharing or subscribing to the artist's content. This helps expand the artist's organic reach virally across various platforms while allowing fans free access to new content.

Wavo Pro also removes all uploading restrictions, allowing artists to host an unlimited amount of their music through the service. Wavo will expand their cross-platform offering, helping connect artists and fans on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

“In today’s world artists to need to grow and connect with their fans across multiple platforms and we’re excited to be helping them do that as easily as possible.” -Wavo CEO Conor Clarke

You can try Wavo pro free for 2-months through this coupon and test it out by downloading Arno Cost and Arias' new club anthem above.

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