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OWSLA To Release 24/7 Stream On Gaming Platform

OWSLA To Stream On Twitch Gaming Platform

Oh... oh yes they did!

Anyone who’s used the streaming service Twitch knows there’ve been some pretty odd additions to the roster lately. You may even have heard about a Monstercat hack that took place there recently.

If you haven't heard of Twitch, slap yourself on the wrist and click here. Twitch is a Godsend, as it's taken the online gaming community to heights only the likes of YouTube can match.

We’ve seen Twitch bring on some... unusual channels recently like poker, talk shows, and music to name but a few. Now, OWSLA has decided to hop on the bandwagon by starting their own 24/7 live-streaming service.

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Looks like Skrilly and the gang have found a new way to get rich, y’all, and we couldn’t be happier to oblige them. As a huge fan of both Twitch and EDM, I’m pumped to see the industry heading the way it is.

Twitch’s music streaming service is young (still in beta), and hasn’t progressed much beyond a somewhat-functional ad-free alternative to Pandora. Aside from Monstercat or MrSuicideSheep's streams, Twitch has yet to see any heavy hitters like OWSLA take the stage.

Skrilly’s little start-up’s seen nothing but progress since its conveniently-timed inception (shortly after his dethroning), and this move is no exception. Instead of further paraphrasing, here's a quote that stuck out to me from their release.

"Now that Twitch has recently opened its doors to the music industry, the appeal of livestreamed shows and parties with real-time interaction has caught on with labels and artists. At the forefront of this movement is OWSLA, who is embracing this new medium and continuing their reputation of cultivating a strong bond between its artists and fans."

I'm excited to see the gap bridged between gaming and EDM. We've all seen gamers play EDM behind their gaming, it should be interesting to see producers sit down and game for a while. Check out the channel!

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