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[Premiere] Crookers - Belly Button Tickler

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[Premiere] Crookers - Belly Button Tickler

You might not understand why, but Belly Button Tickler will make you move.

The new track from Crookers is the pebble in the shoe of electronic music. It doesn't fit in with flashy chord progressions or classy house grooves. Rather, it's the outlier. A hip hop infused piece of electronic funk that needs be part of no scene. You might not know what to think... so just stop thinking.

You can dance to it without it being your typical dance track - it has that tempo along with 90s underground boom bap rap. The only time I've ever enjoyed working in a crappy studio with crappy microphones is with a rapper like Mr MFN eXquire - we had a lot of fun and his lyrics are so clever." - Crookers

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"Belly Button Tickler" is a wildly entertaining track no doubt, and the lyrics are as debaucherous as you might image. Try as you might to shoehorn this tune into a particular genre, it's better to just shake that shit off and dance.

The track will drop on Ciao Records as part of Crooker's new album Sixteen Chapel on March 3rd. The album is a no-holds and no-genre barred mix of outrageous beats available now to pre-order on iTunesSixteen Chapel follows his debut album Tons of Friends and its follow-up Dr. Gonzo.

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