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PREMIERE: Glitch Mob - 'Skytoucher (Starkey Remix)'

PREMIERE: Glitch Mob - 'Skytoucher (Starkey Remix)'

"The Starkbot is one of the most talented producers we know. He's not afraid to get weird, push boundaries, to mash together styles. When he did the live prodcution video on Mary Anne Hobbs show, we were in awe. The guy oozes talent and humility."

- The Glitch Mob

When The Glitch Mob released their album Love Death Immortality last year, it made a big impact rising to #13 on the Billboard Top Albums chart and topping the iTunes Independent and Dance charts. So when the group comes out with such high praise for someone who messes with that kind of success, it says something.

Starkey torches "Skytoucher" with vocal samples that lick the original like flames on firewood. On that same metaphor, the tracks elements are completely transformed, from the dark depths of dubstep to red-hot trap.

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This kind of drastic transformation should come as no surprise to those who know the Philadelphia producer. With the ability to combine vocals, bass and live instrumentation, you can see why The Glitch Mob was impressed with the hip hop, bass, and UK-grime producer.

The Starkey "Skytoucher" remix will be released on The Glitch Mob's Love Death Immortality remix album due out tomorrow (2/24) on Glass Air Records. The album includes other remixes from Bassnectar, Plaid, Nadastrom, Mord Fustang, Si Begg, and Emalkay, as well as showcases a variety of newcomers to the indie and electronic music space including Filous, Yaarrohs, Zeros, and Pair of Arrows.

The Glitch Mob themselves will be heading on tour this May hitting up perhaps an under-rated college crowd at UC-Berkeley's Greek Theatre amongst other venues.

Love Death Immortality Remix LP Tracklist:
1. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Bassnectar Remix)
2. Fly By Night (Yaarrohs Cover)
3. Can't Kill Us (JOE Trapanese Remix)
4. Our Demons (Filous Remix)
5. Skullclub (EPROM Remix)
6. Mind of a Beast (Si Begg Remix)
7. I Need My Memory Back (Boom Bip Remix)
8. Skytoucher (Starkey Remix)
9. Becoming Harmonious (Nadastrom Remix)
10. I Need My Memory Back (Zeros Remix)
11. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Chrome Sparks Remix)
12. Fly By Night (Strange Talk Remix)
13. Can't Kill Us (Plaid Remix)
14. Our Demons (Pair of Arrows Remix)
15. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Dean Grenier Remix)
16. Carry The Sun (Mord Fustang Remix)
17. Skullclub (Emalkay Remix)
18. Our Demons (Hive Remix)

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