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PREMIERE: Phace Drops 'Shape The Random'

PREMIERE: Phace - 'Shape The Random'

Oi you! Why the Phace!? I'll tell you why.

A slippery little growler of a track has arrived by way of Florian Harres. More commonly known as renowned German producer, Phace.

As the title track of the upcoming LP (brought to you by Neosignal Recordings) - an LP which promises 14 tracks of cutting edge, uncompromising and original dnb - "Shape The Random" has some big ass, bass shoes to fill.

Rhythmical experimentation, high contrast ambience, twisted bass, deep cinematic themes, explosive energy, and elements of analogue tech and funk. With crazy shit like that flying around, why is this track rewarded with being the muse behind it all?

Phace was after the title track showcasing the most "energy and madness." He is the proud owner of a generally crazy, driven and energetic sound, but this time around, wanted to ensure an even balance between the technical side of music production, and keeping the songwriting exciting - not just loop based.

"'I wanted ‘Shape The Random’ to be the title track as it fulfilled my ‘shaping the songs randomly’ approach to the album in almost every way. I like my music to follow its own rules. I like music that is exciting to listen to and not just functionally correct.'"

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Too right!

As you may have noticed, this album is all about the "artistic freedom" for Phace. If you’re digging the vibe on this one, and have wound up gagging for more... more... immediately more!!! - then too bad. You must wait for March 16th.

Having said that, you can preview a bit more of it below and pre-order it now.

One might expect  "Shape The Random" to be rolled out at the Shogun Audio Night (Electric Brixton - London - March 20th), so if you're in the country, come get off your Phace!! (Last time, promise - sorry.) It'll be all the sicker live!

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