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PREMIERE: Robert Lux - Music For Dancing EP

PREMIERE: Robert Lux - Music For Dancing EP

House music isn't just on the rise anymore - it's everywhere. A deep groove just doesn't cut it at this point. An artist has to add something new, and Robert Lux has done just that.

On his new EP Music For Dancing, he's found a way to stretch house music beyond the modern comforts of cyclic loops. With the help of his "mentor and good friend" Pegasus Warning and solid musical history, he's created captivating melodies that linger far beyond a bar.

"Music has always been a social and communal thing for me, from back in my band days, to my time now in the studio and on stages across the country." -Robert Lux

This band background is most apparent on tracks like "The City (Misses You)" and "Actress." Both are wandering soul grooves with vocals left to emotionally explore his futuristic house production. Minimal but deep, these tracks are as much storytellers as dancers.

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And like any great futuristic mind, Lux is self-sustaining. He handled the production, mixing, mastering and artwork for the EP with his own two hands.

If you're in NYC this next week, be sure to check out the official release party at Cameo Gallery (Saturday, February 21st @ 10 p.m.).

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