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PREMIERE: St. Lucia Cover From Emerson Jay

PREMIERE: Emerson Jay Cover St. Lucia

When St. Lucia burst into the limelight, he did so with drums banging and synths blazing. His hit single "Elevate" danced through Phil Collins nostalgia with a modern flamboyance. That was 2013.

Now, a new electropop dance artist, Emerson Jay, is readying his breakout and paying homage to his predecessor.

Emerson Jay has yet to "arrive" but he and his group are already following a similar course. And if anything, they're ahead of the game.

St. Lucia performed at Electric Forest last year on the heels of an acclaimed debut album, while Emerson Jay was also there but with only an EP behind him. The two artists managed to connect which Emerson Jay said inspired his St. Lucia cover as a kind of "thank you." But St. Lucia was always an influence on his sound.

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"I just remember being really drawn to their sound so naturally, I played their music a lot. I think it even got to a point where all of my friends knew what I was going to put on if I ever got control of their stereo, so they would always call me out on it." - Jared Gulden (Emerson Jay)

While the similarities are there, Emerson Jay is far more immersed in feathery indie dreamscapes than emphatic power drums, and this cover is a perfect example. Bright daylight is to St. Lucia as the golden sunset is to Emerson Jay. St. Lucia is set to perform at Coachella this year and Emerson Jay continues to show why he could be next.

Check out Emerson Jay on Spotify and Soundcloud before he breaks through, and support him on iTunes. You can also see Jared Gulden perform his latest single, SMOK, live.

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