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RiFF RaFF Petition Reaches Threshold

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RiFF RaFF Petition Reaches Threshold

So much hate. There is petition aimed to kick RiFF RaFF and Kosher Dillz off a popular tour, and that RiFF RaFF petition just reached 250 votes. The 250 votes being a threshold according to

The tour in question may not be relevant to you, but the petition brings up something many of us can relate to - being outcast. This all started when RiFF RaFF and Kosher Dillz were announced on the Vans Warped Tour lineup, a tour known largely for rock music of varying degrees. Here's what the petition states:

"Vans Warped Tour has been a place created for outcast kids to go see their favorite bands play, it is a place for kids who have been teased for liking those bands who are up on those stages. Having Riff Raff and Kosher Dillz on the line up would be inviting those people who put down rock music and the people who listen to it, many people are upset that they are on the line up and have sold, or returned their tickets. You may think adding these rap artist to the line up is a good thing, but think of all the people who are going to be hurt by you adding these artist to the line up. VANS WARPED TOUR SHOULD BE FOR POP PUNK, ROCK, METAL, SCREAMO, TECHNO, ETC NOT FOR RAP! You can't ruin Warped Tour for everyone else so new people come. I am sorry to say that if these people are not removed many people including myself, will NOT attend shit tour.  Keep it about the many styles of rock. Besides the line up clashes worse thank pink with red. If they form a heavy metal band than they are 100% welcome, until then GET THE FUCK OFF!"

One of the comments under the petition put it more simply...

RiFF RaFF Petition Reaches Critical Point


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RiFF RaFF recently posted this picture of his dog on FB

"Head banging and moshing not swagging and twerking"

But the petition sends an ironic message about being outcast. Isn't rap the outcast here? Not to mention, RiFF RaFF is about as outcast as they come. We get it, they're trying to keep Warped Tour safe from the cultural music movements, but do they really know who they're dealing with?

JODY HiGHROLLER... the Rap Game James Franco... the Hulk Hogan-trained Neonmaniac... The guy who said this on his latest album...

"I want you to be nice to everybody around. And it's ok to let them tears fall like waterfalls."

How are you gonna hate on that?!! The Diplo-produced hip hop legend will surely stand out when (or if) he hits the Warped Tour this summer in his Jawwdinz. The question is... how much shit will he take as he's outcast by the self-proclaimed outcasts? Either way, haters gonna hate, RiFF RaFF gonna love.

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