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RiFF RAFF Remixes Come With Socks

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RiFF RaFF Remixes Come With Socks


You could win a RiFF RaFF signed and personalized cassette player.

Rap Game Santa Clause, RiFF RAFF is giving away a pair of socks when you purchase the PURPLE iCON Remix LP. This might sound more like Rap Game Grandma Clause  at first, but just wait...

He's also throwing in a translucent purple cassette tape and blacklight poster. In addition to all that though, you also get the chance to win an autographed means of playing the cassette - an autographed and RiFF RAFF "personalized" cassette player!!!

This is all pretty badass. I'd much rather be on the beach with a tongue-in-cheek RiFF RAFF cassette player than some ultra expensive iPhone dock made to look like a cassette player from Urban Outfitters. You just can't put a price tag on cheap 90s plastic anymore, especially when it's signed by the neon icon himself.

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If you're not catching our drift - we honestly want this.

The bundle of goodies is available as a purchasing option with the newly remixed album by Swishahouse legend and famed Houston producer OG Ron C. Every track from RiFF RaFF's latest album NEON iCON has the OG Ron C "chop not slop" twist which pitches it about three times lower than the DJ Screw style. In addition to the bundle described above, the remix album can also be downloaded digitally.

You won't be tiptowin in those new socks when you're blasting these beats from that fresh plastic. Seriously, how OG is that?!

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