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Robert DeLong Shows The Beginning And End In New Video

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Robert DeLong Shows The Beginning And End In New Video

Robert DeLong has a background thick in creativity and shows it in his latest video for "Long Way Down". It's another example of an electronic artist escaping the creative confines of the sound wave and, in this case, flames.

The video cuts back and forth between past and present and DeLong sings "things will never go our way in the end... everything will go". It's a darker take on returning home and a take on both destructive and construction forces. Attention is definitely paid to detail and the detail is in the edits. Keep your eyes out for an interactive version coming soon.

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DeLong is currently finishing up his second album and preparing to jump on tour March 3rd. His tour will showcase even more of the artist's creativity with its innovative live show and he will also be making an appearance at SXSW. Download "Long Way Down", check him out on tour, and watch the video below.

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