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Russian Dance Squad Twerks In New Diplo Video

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New Russian Dance Video For Diplo Track


Look closely...

There are girls in Siberia. They know how to dance. And they just set the standard for twerking. And here we thought it was just some barren, icy tundra over by Russia... (it's actually part of Russia)

While Diplo may be synonymous with twerking... Siberia has largely been held out of the conversation. Seems about right... until you watch this new video for Diplo's "6th Gear." We're not sure there has ever been more twerking displayed in one frame.

"Nothing makes more sense for a Diplo video than twerking princesses from Siberia ... #duhhhhhh" - DIPLO

After releasing several unofficial videos, Elena Yatkina and her "Fraules" dance squad were finally tapped for the real deal. If you weren't one of the 56 million to watch their video for "Watch Out For This (Bumaye)", you might want to check that out too. Unofficial in name only, it's a brilliant piece of choreography that sets vibrant dancehall heat against cold Siberian backdrops.

With their first official Diplo video "6th Gear," the focus is fully on twerking though. Like, everything else is literally removed. It's as barren as it gets. We're a little disappointed by this, but it certainly allows the twerking talent to come front and center.

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Twerking has officially become a pandemic and there is no better illustration of that than this "6th Gear" video. It arrives alongside the "6th Gear" remixes from GTA, ETC!ETC!, Ricky Remedy, Obscene & Big Syphe, and DJ Yonny and Grand & Warren.

We've also included the Fraules video for "Watch Out For This (Bumaye)" which has a little more of a storyline, and little more dance variety.

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