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Skrillex's Doompy Poomp Video Gets Creative

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Skrillex's New Doompy Poomp Video Gets Creative

Skrillex just released a Doompy Poomp video that's as weird as you might hope. Even for Groundhog Day.

Described as a "short film", the video takes you through the repetitive struggle of a guy trying to get a loan. Try as he might to get the loan, the office workers try even harder to keep him from attaining it.

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The video was created by French directors Fleur & Manu and premiered on Vice's "The Creators Project." As The Creators Project points out, the video is a play on the Groundhog Day scenario where the lead character tries desperately to get things right chance after chance. It's yet another addition in the music video world for the talented directorial duo.

Their cinematic work on a trilogy of videos for M83 demonstrates the team's boundless imagination, weaving an epic tale that increases in scope and intensity with each installment. - The Creators Project

You can view the full summary at The Creators Project. And Remember, it's Groundhog Day - If at first you don't succeed... try, try again.

Editor's note: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year. 

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