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The Prodigy Get Bloody With Video For New Single

Prodigy Drop New Track With Animated Gore


Screenshot from official music video

"If what I think is happening, IS happening... it better not be."

- The Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Prodigy just released a fantastic piece of gore from their upcoming album The Day Is My Enemy. The album will be their first in over 5 years when it drops March 30th, and so far they're living up to the hype and then some.

Never ones to shy away from controversial content, they continue the tradition by dropping their new single "Wild Frontier" with a playfully horrifying music video. You'll see what we mean below. It should be safe for work, but don't allow your colleagues to get drawn in by the "cute" animated animals...

If you're familiar with Wes Anderson films like "The Fantastic Mr. Fox," consider this created by his evil twin - "The Ferocious Mr. Fox" perhaps. There's a beautifully animated story to be told here but it isn't pretty. Just check out the comparison below.

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The single and video are the third pairing from the new album, following "The Day Is My Enemy" and "Nasty" audiovisual releases. The latest is by far the most impressive, by far the cutest, and by far the most horrific. Mrs. Fox would not approve.

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