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Top 10 Future Bass Tracks - 2.23.15 Chart

New Future Bass Songs — 2.22.15

Back once again for the renegade master, D4 damager, power to the people… ok sorry I’ll stop. I’m back once again with some fresh cuts for this week’s new future bass songs. I don’t have a lot to say this week, soo…enjoy!

1. "Ice Cream (Hex Cougar Remix)" - JS
Starting this week’s new future bass songs off strong with this super sexy remix from one of Shifty Rhythms’ best and brightest.

2. "The War" - Josh Pan feat. Lavendaire
Who is Josh Pan?!! Is it really 12 different producers collaborating, or just an elaborate rouse to attract attention? Only one thing is for certain, there’s been a lot of great music being released under this moniker. This was my personal favorite off his latest release If You’re Reading This You’re Josh Pan, an obvious ode to Drake’s mixtape.

3. "Something About You (TVTSURO Remix)" - R-ASH
Discovered this one while Lido was giving feedback on demos via his Ustream. This one is a huge, anthemic future bass remix with some funky club breakdowns.

4. "Dollar Sines" - KRNE
Rihanna gets a Middle Eastern makeover via KRNE’s experimental production style.

5. "Phantasm (2k15 Emotional VIP)" - Cosmo’s Midnight feat. Nicole Millar 
Cosmo’s Midnight take the tempo down a notch on their latest release for a more moody, emotional vibe. The bells in this song are slightly reminiscent of Cashmere Cat.

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6. "Drinks On Us (Salva Remix)" - Mike Will Made It feat. The Weeknd
Although this track starts off like your typical hip-hop beat, it quickly morphs into something far from usual.

7. "Herbal Blend" - Edyth
This one really reminds me of Mount Kimbie with a bigger bass line and more ambient synth work. Really feelin' this one.

8. "Loco" - Conrank
Conrank adds some flamenco stylings to his usual bass heavy beat barrage on his latest release.

9. "Weep" - Alexander Lewis
Intergalactic trap vibes courtesy of Alexander Lewis.

10. "Break Free (Madnap Remix)" - Ariana Grande
Club banger from Madnap. Heavy jersey vibes on this one.

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