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Top 10 New Techno Tracks - 2.24.15 Chart

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Top Techno Chart 2/24/15

Hello again Magnetic Magazine readers! It’s time for another Techno Tuesday with the weekly Top Techno Chart! The Oscars were this weekend and there wasn’t any techno. Or maybe there was, I didn’t watch. Maybe I will next year. I was busy trying to find the newest, hottest techno for all of you readers. Let’s get into some techno then with this week’s Top Techno Chart.

10. Larry Cadge – "Attitude (Dub Mix)" [Smiley Fingers]
The vocal sample is the star in this dark dub mix from Larry Cadge off his EP of the same name, Attitude. It remains almost consistent, skipping over the steady drums and bass line as other vocals and effects are layered on and stripped away. It’s a good track for getting the energy stirred up on the way to the boiling point. Just a note on the soundcloud link; the first half is the original and the second half is the dub mix. Enjoy.

9. Lonya – "Iron Door (Original Mix)" [Parquet Recordings]
The groovy bassline gives this tech house track a nice travelling type of energy. It’s late at night and you are cruising along the long open roadway with lights from other cars, motorcycles, and semis speeding toward and then past you, your gaze fixed on the glowing destination on the horizon.

8. Ruty – "Siglo’s Curse (Original Mix)" [Electrovino Records]
I really like the coarse feeling of this single on the newest compilation release on Electrovino, Strong Core #1. Ruty has used the jagged bitcrushed effects along with almost trance-like pads pulsing with the pounding beat. This is definitely going to keep the energy high on the dance floor.

7. Paride Saraceni – "Wood (Original Mix)" [Transmit Recordings]
"Wood" is the second track on Paride Saraceni’s latest EP, Talking. Both tracks are solid tech house shufflers, but I enjoyed the dubby, hollow sound of the effects on this one. Each drop brings the energy up to the next level, making this is a great tool for transitioning into the peak hours of the night.

6. Skober – "Insomnia (Original Mix)" [Elevate]
This is the second week in a row for Skober on the Top Techno Chart. He has had a slough of releases this month and this one is fresh from Pig&Dan’s label, Elevate. Insomnia brings the energy from beat one. The synth stab has an old school feel to it. It filters in and out, bubbling like lava running down an erupting volcano while the two vocal samples work well together, creating a nice call-and-respond dynamic.

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5. Adrianos Papadeas – "Planet Poly (Da Fresh Remix)" [Swift Records]
This blooming track has so many great elements mixed together. It has that great hollow, throaty, deep stab, a grooving bass line, and solid percussive foundation combined with sweeping effects to pick you up and slam you on the dance floor.

4. Robert Babicz – "Tonefabrik (Dubspeeka Remix)" [Selador]
He was visiting the House Chart last week, but Dubspeeka returns to the Top Techno Chart this week, this time with a remix. He has taken Babicz’s original, more loungy, tech track and beefed it up with his powerful style of techno. The thundering drums and metallic percussion go well with the twangy effects. It is an elegant mix of power and grace.

3. ANNA – "Abre Los Ojos (Original Mix)" [Tronic]
“ANNA is destined for dance music greatness” was the title of the interview released earlier this year by Kirk Williams. So it is no surprise to see her on the Top Techno Chart with another release on Tronic. The energy just doesn’t quit on this one. It has a spacey, ethereal feel with the vocal whispering in your ear and echoing droplets of water. It is like being in a dream that you didn’t know was a dream until you hear the distant voice of the person trying to wake you. But this is a dream ANNA won’t let you wake from as she sends you further down the rabbit hole.

2. Dosem – "Message (Coyu Remix)" [Suara]
This is the first taste of the full remix package of Dosem’s City Cuts album, soon to be released on Suara. Out now are three solid tracks, but I selected Suara boss, Coyu’s, remix of "Message." He took the original out of the deep end, giving it a summery feel that would be perfect for a beach party. With Ultra Music Festival around the corner, I think it was released just in time.

1. Mark Knight – "Feel Good Now (Original Mix)" [Toolroom]
This is the first release of the year for Mark Knight on his own label, Toolroom. Knight designed this track to be played in the late hours as a hypnotic device to keep you on the dance floor even when your body is telling you to quit. I think he accomplished his goal. The sirens, aggressive synth stabs, and hypnotic vocals will send a wave through your body, as you breathe in the energy you need to see the sunrise.

Here is the full playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week for another Top Techno Chart!

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