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Top 10 Tropical House & Chill Tracks - 2.27.15 Chart

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Top Tropical House/Chill Chart 2.27.15


Photo by Phillip Gadrow @phillipgadrow

The people of the world are more divided now than ever. The blue blackers and the white golders may not see the same pigments, but if we close our eyes for a second and shut the hell up about that fugly dress we just might be able to hear the same beautiful music as one people. I think I deserve the Brobel Peace Prize for creating the ultimate happy house playlist to bring together the people of world in peace and tuneity. Llama tell you, it’s been a weird week and I plan on hiding inside and binging on the wisdom of Frank Underwood before it gets any weirder this weekend. I hope you all are feeling great, doing great and can look past each others differences in color so we all may live long and prosper. RIP LN.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Feels So Good” Sailors, Casual Jam Records
The waters are a little bluer and the sun is shining brighter down in Mexico, inspiring the brothers of Sailors to lay down some scintillating beachy beats on the boards. As we creep a little closer to summer time, these are the tracks that make us see the warm sun on the horizon. The sunshine house beats have soft cushy synth waves and a sexy vocal track by a mysterious femme fatale that I’d like to spend one last great night with.

2. “All Cried Out (ft. Alex Newell)” Blonde, FFRR Records
Daytime disco deep house is the cats pajammers of the summer time and I say were close enough to start preparing the dance moves. The vocal talents of Alex Newell give the second single from the young Brit duo a godly soul hard to achieve in electronic. Those are some real vipes and these are some real hard-chopping piano led beats on this powerful track from Pete Tong’s FFRR Records label. The Bristol boys are from the sunniest parts of the UK isle so they get the joys of sunshine living and it shines bright in their tracks. Get those visas prepped and start touring stateside already, Blonde! The LA beach life awaits...

3. “Are You With Me (Kungs Remix)” Lost Frequencies
The energy pouring out of this Kungs remix is infectious. You can catch a lot of nasty bugs in the tropical jungles but this is one chillness that I could get down with. Be sure to take your medi-sin and drink plenty of those salt-rimmed fluids Doc Kungs prescribes in the song. Kungs is the second of my favorite trop artists to get picked up by CAA for representation and if SNBRN’s recent bout of solid bookings tells us anything, we should look out for the Frenchman to start hitting the scene a lot hard in the coming months.

4. “Bad, Bad, Bad (Matt DiMona Remix)” LANY
Some songs just make you wanna drop kick your computer monitor, call up your girl and book it to the nearest vacation town for a weekend of wild antics. I imagine myself on the road to the coast of Baja Mexico with the top down of a fly old ride cozied up to a howling hippie babe. Matt DiMona gives this some thump and bump it was lacking and the results ain’t all that bad, bad, bad. The hometown brewed LA producer describes his work as “feel good house” and I have to agree. These are the sounds you can’t help but sink into a happy state to whether it be chill/tropical/disco/melodic its all here to get you grinnin and spinnin.

5. “Back At The Start (ft. K. Flay)” Viceroy
Before Thomas Jack dubbed this genre of tunage “tropical house” (as a joke btw), Viceroy was blasting sunbursting sounds out the speakers for all us beach babes to get down to. Ahead of his time and consistently solid, the Cali artist has put together an absolute daymaker for us to vibe hard to. The song gets saxy and sexy with hot, hardscrabbled vocals from K. Flay and Viceroy’s arrangement couldn’t have stronger sea legs on it. The bongos built into the bass thump are fire and I’m looking forward to seeing him rock it at CRSSD Fest during his b2b set with Bixel Boys.

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6. “Dissolve” Absofacto
Class can be lost in electronic music but Absofacto brings a nostalgic and fly sense to this melter that I have not been able to shake. The perfectly executed balancing act of chillwave, synth heavy electropop and nu-R&B stylings topped with a cruising voice icing is the grooveberry cake we all can stuff in our face. I’d never heard Absofacto before this track and I am so happy to discover a great artist so late in the game and get to check out his slate of tunes. Hoping this a big year for Absofacto and we can all see him play some live shows soon.

7. “Geronimo (Matoma Remix)” Sheppard
Whether it be a hip hop classic or an anthem that makes guys hit high notes they shouldn’t be trying to hit, Matoma knows how to create a sing-a-long. The fast rising tropical prodigy is now cruising around the US hitting up all the major cities on his Midnight Sun Tour and just booked a spot at Ultra Music Festival. This year’s lineup is chalk full of scandinavian sunrisers and daytime discoers, a nice step away from the usual cycle of big room bangers. This remix takes a step away from tropifying classics and instead makes this Imagine Dragons-esque rocker more vibrant and glistening.

8. “I’ll Be Good (Thero Remix)” Jaymes Young
Thero gets it. His groove has become more refined over the last few songs and I think this might be his best yet. It takes it down a notch in energy but it takes me to a place where I want to find myself very soon. It’s the kind of track that you’d actually want to be listening if you were sitting in that perfect Shangri-La paradise enjoying the view of natural beauty and the too hot for your own good beauty sitting in your lap. It soothes, it rides, it vibes and it floats.

9. “Sunset Lover” Petit Biscuit
Ridin those tropical chillwaves in after a long week, looking ahead with bright eyes to the fun ahead this weekend is what this song captures. France’s Petit Biscuit not only has the coolest name but also knows how to compose an absolutely pungent drifter of a song full of loving vibes and glimmering instrumentals. I love the high pitched scattered vocals and the perfect beachy guitar chords. Enjoy some relaxation and celebration this weekend!

10. “Believe (Andy Roy Remix)” The Dirty Heads
When a remix sounds better than the original track’s beat you know the trop in its roots are real. It’s got an island infused Sublime feel to it and packs a mean paradise punch that’ll you sundazed. Andy Roy recently laid down a track with one of my favorite upcoming trop artists N2N and stoked to see that crew is continuing to do big things.

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