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Top Future Bass Songs - 2.10.15

Saturday was the late great J-Dilla’s birthday. Last year I dedicated my entire chart to him and Nujabes who also shares his birthday. Since I used most of my favorite J-Dilla and Nujabes tracks last year, I just wanted to give these two a quick shout out.

Top Future Bass Songs - 2.9.15

Music wouldn’t be the same without you James Yancey or you, Jun Seba. On behalf of hip-hop, trip hop, and experimental music fans everywhere, I’d like to say thank you. I think many of the artists in this week’s top future bass songs wouldn’t be making music if it wasn’t for J-Dilla or Nujabes music, so these styles of music are forever indebted to these two legends.

1. "Purple (Zikomo Remix)" - J Dilla
Zikomo released this remix in honor of Dilla’s birthday, and I have to say he definitely did the original justice, warping it from a downtempo hip-hop beat into a bouncy selection style house tune.

2. "One On One" - Planet Rock
Vibrant, soulful future bass from EDC Las Vegas 2014 Discovery Project grand prize winners, Planet Rock.

3. "Don’t Play (Gravez Remix)" - Travis Scott & Big Sean
Travis Scott’s "Days Before Rodeo" was without a doubt my favorite hip-hop release of 2014, and this Gravez remix allows me to enjoy one of the top tracks on there in a bass music context.

4. "Gucci Gucci (Mura Masa Edit)" - Kreayshawn
It's crazy how a few simple changes can make a song infinitely more enjoyable than it was before. The Kanye West samples make this track a true gem. “Rap is the new Rock n Roll."

5. "Do You" - Diversa
Smooth, ambient bass-heavy bliss from future bass wiz kid, Diversa.

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6. "Round Two" - Royal feat. Desktop
Royal’s Cycles EP was a release that really showed the full potentials of future music. With “Round Two” Royal proved that with the addition of a rapper, future bass can take a totally new direction. Future rap? Future hip-hop? Don’t know what to call it, but I hope we can hear more of this from artists like Royal.

7. "Fire" S-Type feat. Yung Gud
Two of my favorite producers on one track, LuckyMe’s S-Type and Yung Gud, the main producer for Yung Lean’s Sad Boys crew. The track title tells you everything you need to know.

8. "Leaf" - Hucci
I stopped paying attention to Hucci for a while when he was releasing a ton of generic trap music. Fast forward to now, and he’s shown true development as an artist making syrupy slow beats with haunting choir sounds a la Evian Christ or Arca.

9. "Get Ur Freak On (KRNE Remix)" - Missy Elliott
KRNE’s Missy Elliott remix came at a perfect time with renewed interest in Missy since the superbowl. I love Missy’s music, and KRNE crafted a bouncy, 808-heavy beat that fits her voice perfectly.

10. "bae…" - beef
Huge, maximalist vibes on this track from enigmatic producer, beef.

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