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Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Chart - 2.14.15


Hey there lovers, how is your weekend looking? Fifty shades of party perchance? Oh yeah, I think you got something real nice lined up. This week's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections are quite amorous. Now, my one requirement, you need to be doing a lot of dancing this Valentine's Day weekend. It does not need to be in the club, it does not need to be particularly good, but it needs to be some dancing and it needs to be full of love. Interpret that how you may, but know this... This week's playlist is going to get you going, and either it will make your loves stronger or it will help you find that new love. Now, with all that being said, let cupid pull back his bow, and let loose Magnetic's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco chart arrow go!

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10. Indian Summer ft. Shaqdi - Loveweights (Worthy Remix), Sweat It Out

My absolute favorite remixer is at it again... That Worthy guy, he's a lot more than that Bay Area bass music sound. He can hear something amazing in a diverse range of music, and when he reworks your tune, he takes it a fantastically Worthy place.

9. Pimpo Gama - Like Sex On The Beaches, LouLou Records

This is a song that gets all the best adjectives applied to it. It is fun, it is sexy, it is silly, it is excellence. The Peaches sample and strong production make this a remarkable choon.

8. Karin Park & Pandora Drive - Hurricane (Booka Shade Remix)

Booka Shade is one of the most mysterious sounding bands, in my opinion. You can never quite put your finger on what is the essence of Booka Shade, but that is what makes them Booka Shade. They are masters of making beautiful music.

7. Tove Lo - Talking Body (Gryffin Remix)

HEY! The distant, echoing HEY! in the background is one of my favorite elements in this song. Truly though, there are a lot of favorite elements in this selection. Put your mind at ease, close your eyes, and go outside with this song. Watch the sunset and feel alive with a little breeze on your face. Naturally, if you could get frostbite in the colder climates, use your best judgement with this suggestion.

6. Nicolas Hannig - Huntsman, WONNEmusik

A heavy hitter with my favorite Berlin label Well Done! music, Nicolas Hannig makes music that is all his own. This is the type of the song that feels like a walk through a deep, dark, disco and indie dance forest.

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5. Late Night Alumni - The This This, Arkade

Arguably one of the biggest releases on Kaskade's new label, Arkade, and it is definitely not surprising that good guy Kaskade would show love to his former band, Late Night Alumni. Sadly they parted ways, but on the best of terms clearly. Now that you know all those facts, press play and focus on becoming a fan.

4. Daniel T. - The Sun & The Sky

Daniel T. never fails to impress. This is a very Steve Zissou or Wes Anderson remix, taking you to a retro vision of the tropics with flourishes of eccentricity painting the sun and the sky all shades of the best colors.

3. Mak & Pasteman - Oh Baby, Digital Soundboy

Okay, we dropped into the underground with this selection. Yet, if you are drawing Jackmaster's attention, you are an act that absolutely must be shared with anyone and everyone. This is a delicious flavor of underground, so I hope you are hungry for warehouse party, because this song is going until the cows come home.

2. Satin Jackets feat. Esser - Shine On You, Eskimo Recordings

Satin Jackets are going to get you bobbing up and down on this one. It is a cool song with grace and an open invitation to all who want to clap their hands and move with the music.

1.The Dealer feat. Shells - For A Night

Listen to that voice. Just take a moment and really listen. It drips romance, so tender and inviting. With a style that inspires a comparison to Flight Facilities, The Dealer absolutely has the hook up when it comes to amazing romantic dance music. To sum it all up, this is absolutely a well deserved number one!

Mix of the Week - Goldroom's Saguaro Mix 2014

Stumbled on this 2 month old mix from Goldroom. He's got an album coming out, so let this mix get you all sorts of excited for what Goldroom has in store!


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