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Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections [February 19]


Magnetic's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections this week were hand picked to warm you up, for all those in the tundra that is the cold thing called winter. What better way to warm up than dancing to some fresh grooves and wonderful nu-disco tunes? Keeping it short and sweet so you can start moving those feet, let's go and embrace the hot fire of these indie dance and nu-disco selections!

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10. Elephante - Flashback (Calvin Harris Cover)

Elephante has the cover game on lock! This time he jumps right into pop EDM territory taking on Calvin Harris to deliver something special.

9.Nico Pusch - Lima

Shout out to MSA Productions for putting me onto this talented german Nico Pusch. Now that credit has been given where credit is due, let's go on a sonic vacation to Peru!

8. Kittaveli - Miss U (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jai Wolf is at it again with a soulful remix. He may be the brother of the elusive but always in demand indie pop phenom Jai Paul, but he is shining brighter than ever this year this Jai Wolf character. This song is like a blanket, hugging you and holding you tight, so all of you on the East Coast, play this fire and warm yourselves up!

7. Waze & Odyssey - Feel on Fire

Apparently warmth is the theme of the chart this week... Waze & Odyssey light any party on fire, and this latest production of theirs is absolutely consistent with their reputation. This is amazing house music, pure and simple.

6. Jules Born - Life Seems Simple (Produced by Tanner Ross)

This is a good song that grows on you and becomes great. I've been keeping my ear on Jules Born while he and Tanner Ross work together, and boy am I glad I did. This is a beautiful tune, it almost has a dance punk vibe a la LCD Soundsystem way. Jules you got a voice so keep on singing, and Mr. Ross, you just can't stop the greatness!

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5. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles (MNEK Refix)

Another cover alert! This time MNEK dives into pop territory going after Vanessa Carlton of all pop stars! I like it, I LIKE IT A LOT!

4. Pawws - Turnaround, Kitsune Maison

This song starts so Napoleon Dynamite, and then it goes in the best 80's pop direction! This song inspires such vivid imagery, absolutely inspiring and engaging. Everything about it is light and delicate.

3. Falcon Punch - Donald’s Bird

OH YES I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY INDUBITABLY LOVE SOME TASTY VINTAGE DISCO IN A CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT. Slow disco, slow disco, slow disco... I could go on forever repeating that genre... Everything about this song is a yes.

2. Soul Clap ft. Dayonne Rollins - So Sedated, Bastard Jazz

The Boston boys that seem to be walking talking disco funked out life forms in human skin Soul Clap deliver yet again. This time they invite Dayonne Rollins into their music making party, and thank god she RSVP'd yes. Groove yourself into higher state of party with this one folks.

1. Ella Henderson - Mirror Man (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Henry Krinkle is at it again Krinkling up the music world. This week's number one selection is going to get you doing some real strong and real weird dance moves, and I say this because the dance move proof is in the pudding. I absolutely can't sit still writing this, I had to turn the song off. Okay, now back to the song, so follow me and press play!

Mix of the Week - Tiga's Mixed Emotions

It's a throwback and I suggest you read Tiga's description. It's entertaining and enlightening.


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