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Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections [February 26]


Well, well, well, looks like we are here again. Magnetic's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections are here again, did you miss me? This week, oh this week did we ever find some amazing tunes! These selections here are from some of the best producers out there, the genre defiers and trend setters. These selections are not trying to fit in, they are just trying to do their own thing, so if you cannot jive with that, well then you need to think about what exactly you can jive with! Some of these songs here are some of my favorite discoveries of the year so far. Now, open your mind, definitely open you heart, and really take some time to take these songs in from end to start. Let's do this thing, Magnetic's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections now officially begin!

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10. Transport Band - A Moze By (Jazxing Edit), The Very Polish Cutouts

This a recently discovered label that I found this week and I am absolutely in love! Such strong productions that are ideal for the discofunk connnoisseur. It might not be the latest, but in my opinion this song is borderline the greatest.

9. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Message from the Other Side, Crosstown rebels

Damian Lazarus is an outlier. Damian Lazarus is a man who marches to the beat of his own drum, and the world is a better place for that. The Crosstown Rebel leader is back and at it again with a bold song with The Ancient Moons that defies convention to create an ominous bit of dance perfection. It is a spooky jungle romp, you walk through Aztec rainforests in pursuit of something wonderful. This song is a dream that I never want to stop.

8. Argy & Mama - Recluse (Hot Since 82 Remix)

Hot Since 82, what can you not do? This man is a machine, and a well oiled machine at that as he shows no signs of slowing and keeps the hits coming. Here is a song that is perfect for convincing the club to stay on through to sunrise.

7. Diveo - Summer Trees, Secret Songs

A selection from Ryan Hemsworth's label that is whimsical and heartfelt. It is cute, but plenty of innovation to knock it in the right direction. That bassline is all sorts of funk perfection if you really want to know how I feel about it.

6. Orphic - Follow the Call of the Disco Ball, Swamp Music

Honestly, this songtitle describes my soul and practically number one goal in life. If you are a creature of the nightlife, a love of the dance, then you don't need to be told twice to follow the call of the disco ball. You just get on with it! Orphic gets it, Orphic really really gets it with this one. I also like the weird creature noises littered arbitrarily throughout. They are weird, and I assure you it is the right type of weird.

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5. Bart B More - Fusion, Secure Recordings

If you have been have a hard week and you need a little crazy, then this song is the ticket. Bart B More takes no prisoners with this high energy work that has disco embellishments and banger tendencies. Yeah, you will definitely need to do some stretching and limber up when you press play on "Fusion", proceed with caution.

4. Maribou State - Rituals, Counter

Maribou State got the feels and going real emotional. I described this new discovery to a friend as Maribou State does the XX.

3. Jonas Rathsman - Wolfsbane, Method White

The first release on Disclosure's all vinyl label, Method White. This is a wharehouse annihilator, an underground depth charge, a mean song that is going to pop the roof right off the party. Full disclosure, I am seeing Jonas Rathsman on Friday, and this song has got me plenty excited.

2. Tom Aspaul - New Moon

A soundcloud stumble upon that has me absolutely crazy! It is a unique cover of Brandy and Carly Simon combined into one to make a mesmerizing song that rises above the rest. It has pop sensibilities but a great production from Starsmith backing a notable voice. Tom Aspaul, you have my attention. I am listening and you better keep the hits coming!

1. Florence & the Machine - What Kind of Man (Nicolas Jaar Remix), Other People

I woke up this morning to a gift. The gift of something new from Nicolas Jaar, and this gift is a gift that keeps on giving! Remixing Florence & the Machine giving it a rock n roll dance styling. There is only one thing Nicolas Jaar can do wrong, and that is not be constantly making music!

Mix of the Week - Sounds from the Well: Colour Vision

Coming up strong, Colour Vision always delivers with nu-disco vibes and damn good times. His latest mix is no exception, top notch selections with a groove imperative.


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