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Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections [February 5]


Why do you need an introduction when I discovered there was a Star Wars disco song from the 70’s this week? So, enjoy that wonderful video, and on with this week's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections!

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11. Capri - Earth, Wind, Magic, Gomma

Mexico City Disco is all right by me, especially when it’s coming at you from Gomma! Capri was born in Argentina and now he is crushing the underground of Mexico. This selection here is warm and genius!

10.LA Priest - Oino, Domino Record Co.

New acronym alert! Mystical dance music! Or maybe PDM, psychedelic dance music. Whatever it is, it sounds like this song, and go on a cosmic journey with LA PRIEST. This song is something else!

9. Du Tonc - Every Song, Eskimo Recordings

Du Tonc’s ‘Every Song’ has got the critical world going crazy. Everyone and their grandmother is into this song, so you best be with it, if not for the fact that it is amazing, but clearly if everyone’s doing it, so should you! Wait, that is the worst logic ever.

8. Axwell /\ Ingrosso - Something New (Amtrac Remix)

Look at these names, and you know what I am thinking. THIS IS A BIG TUNE! Amtrac goes in a dreamy direction.

7. Hozier - Take Me To Church (TEEMID & Jasmine Thompson Edition)

When songs are hot, you see everyone and their grandmother remixing them. Now, this song from Hozier definitely falls into that category, but god damn this song SOARS above the rest. It’s a cover, and it flies to amazing heights.

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6. Teem - Proof Of You (Whaleskin Remix)

5. ILYRORO - Hopeless Romantics

They know nothing of love, yet they make an amazing song titled ‘Hopeless Romantics’? I love these characters already. A Magnetic favorite Ardency put me onto these playful characters. Get ready for something breathy, something light and fun, but something as beautiful as a pink and orange sunset.

4. Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (Obleviun Edit)

When you are a producer and you decide to go up against a queen, you better make sure it is absolutely befitting of a queen. Obleviun delicately remixes Whitney Houston, and the end result is not merely a confrontation with a tragically departed queen, but a wonderful rework collaboration in my opinion.

3. Disclosure - White Noise (Todd Edwards edit)

WHAT A REMIX! Todd Edwards is a god, I will not mince words. He works with the robots on the regular, always has a huge smile plastered on his face, and crushes any club night I hear about. Long live Todd, Long Live Disclosure remixes by Todd Edwards!

2. BOSQ ft. U-George - Wuk Up (Nick Monaco remix)

That sexual creature, that man made of nothing but party vibes and amazing talent, that Nick Monaco is at it again! Innovative reggae is absolutely a must in life, never forget that. So now, push back and roll it slow...

1. Cherokee - Dakota, Roche Music

Get ready to clap your hands. Cherokee is on a mission, a funked out sexy mission. I wish I could say it’s a classified, for your eyes only type mission, but it’s not that sexy. Rather, it’s all about getting you going out there on the dancefloor is mission’s sole objective.

Mix of the Week! Kav Verhouzer - Dansen In Het Gras (Mixtape)

This mix comes highly recommended by multiple producers, so you know it's got that good music fire!


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