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Top Techno Chart 2.11.15

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Top Techno Chart 2/10/15

What is up Magnetic Mag readers! It is a new week and I have another Top Techno Chart choc full of goodies for you. After watching all of the pop music on the Grammy’s this weekend I am sure you could use a little techno. These Techno jams are sure to keep you pushing on through the rest of the week. Ok, no more introduction, it’s time for the Top Techno Chart!

10. Attaque – "Formula 86 (MPHD’s Formula 72 Edit)" [Free Download]
Not the newest track on the chart but I felt it deserved to be dug up as it has a great feel to it. MPHD’s intent was to make a “lowkey” version of the original but by no means is it lacking in energy. He has taken the darkest elements of the original and distilled them into this potent cocktail.

9. Ramiro Lopez & Arjun Vagale – "Prism (The Junkies Remix)" [Terminal M]
This is a single off Lopez and Vagale’s new Sleaze EP. The Junkies have taken the original "Prism" and turned the lights down. When I listen to the original, I feel like I am on a luxury space ship. The Junkies remix is when the ship gets pulled into a black hole. Great dark energy!

8. Carlo Lio – "No Turning Back (Original Mix)" [Mood]
This is one of two tracks on Carlo Lio’s Deebug EP out now on Nicole Moudaber’s label, Mood. The bass line is infectious as it keeps the energy climbing upward along with the shuffling percussion and expertly arranged vocal samples. This one will have you getting down and dirty.

7. Alberto Ruiz & Oscar Aguilera – "Alaska (Original Stick)" [Stickrecordings]
I love the oscillator work on the breakdown of this track. I feel like a fish on the end of a line being slowly reeled in. I feel the tension on the line but it isn’t too much for me to break it. Then, before I know it, I am in the net and the drop kicks in like a club to the head. Don’t worry though, when music hits you feel no pain.

6. Pirupa – "Techno (Original Mix)" [Intec]
This is fresh from Pirupa’s new 3 tracker EP, Raw Deal, out now on Intec. When you say, “Intec” I say, “Techno” and the name of this track says it all. The piano stab and synth string call-and-answer pattern give it an energy jolt on top of the steady pounding kick and rolling bass.

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5. Axel Karakasis – "Black Smoke (Original Mix)" [Remain]
A banger from the start, this track brings the dark energy. It’s the second track on his new Desire EP, released on his own label, Remain. It has a thick groove that makes you want to get low. I can see the black smoke and it is coming from the fire on the dance floor.

4. Joe Blake – "New Voice (Original Mix)" [Deeperfect]
This is a good record for a cave party. I can picture the shadows moving over the walls as people dance around a fire with voices echoing through the caverns as the night grows darker. It is sure to do the trick in the club if there aren’t any cave parties going on in your city.

3. Loco & Jam – "Hit The Switch (Original Mix)" [MB Elektronics]
I chose just one of the four hard-hitting tracks on their newest EP, Meltin Point, but only because I have to. Each track has its own flavor and this was my favorite of the bunch. The tension created by the aggressive acidic synth and the vocals on the build up make you beg for the drop. When it hits it hits just right.

2. Renato Cohen & Criminish – "Syncronize (Original Mix)" [Tronic]
Cohen and Criminish have created a fun, tech-disco track. It is a great arrangement that uses all kinds of older sounding synths but backs them with hard, polished, 21st century drums and percussion. Both tracks on the EP have a nostalgic disco feel to them and are sure to get people’s feet moving to the beat.

1. Miguel Bastida – "Focus UK (Original Mix)" [Be One Records]
Bastida has just released a two-track EP with a specific goal in mind - “to capture the essence” of different countries. This is his love letter, if you will, to the UK. The wobbly bass stabs and amen-break build are a nod to the jungle and house sounds that have thrived in the region. I am looking forward to seeing/hearing what countries he shifts his focus to next.

Thanks for checking out this weeks Top Techno Chart. Here is the full playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week!

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