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Top Techno Chart 2.17.15

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Top Techno Chart 2/17/15

Hello again Magnetic Mag readers! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Did you do something special with someone special on Saturday? Did you get Monday off? Hopefully the answers are “Yes” and “Yes!” If not, don’t fret. I have just what you need right here. It’s another Top Techno Chart! No computer speakers people, headphones or stereo systems only. It’s time to dive in. Here we go!

10. Nick Daring – "Freak Kill (Original Mix)" [Say What?]
This is the title track off Nick Daring’s latest four-tracker EP on Say What? Recordings. It’s a solid tech house shuffler. The unique high frequency vocal samples provide a nice syncopated element while working in harmony with the synths.

9. Audiojack – "Psychonaut (Original Mix)" [Gruuv]
Bringing in the minimal vibes we have Audiojack. It has a great loungy, yet energetic, feel to it. The bubbly, echoing, spacey effects woven throughout the track tickle your eardrums while the rolling bass moves your feet.

8. WhoMadeWho – "Traces (Agents of Time Remix)" [Click Records]
Agents of Time have taken a chill, mellow song and turned it into a dance floor beast. This track has electricity running through it. The intricate, plucky, synth work sends out an erratic energy, the drums keep it steady, and the leads float between the two, delivering a very rich and full-sounding track.

7. Skober – "Polymorphine (Original Mix)" [Phobiq]
Skober and Yan Oxygen teamed up to release a three track EP, “Take A Look Inside." All three tracks are full of hard techno energy but I went with Polymorphine for the chart. It has a massive energy that can fill a huge room or make a small room feel like a huge party.

6. Regal – "Symbol (Original Mix)" [Figure]
This is Regal’s debut EP on Figure, and after hearing it you know it won’t be the last. This particular number caught my attention because of its high energy through carefully thought out simplicity. Regal deftly uses filters to create different percussive sounds from one synth stab. He brings the percussion to the forefront and back, drawing out the higher energy while relying on the hypnotic kick and snare to keep you locked in.

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5. Schubert – "Shapeshifter (Original Mix)" [SCI+TEC]
Schubert gives us a minimal techno roller on his latest EP, Gork. Shapeshifter has everything you need. A hard, bendy, rolling bass line, attention grabbing vocal effects, and trance inducing sound effects and percussion are all expertly layered and sequenced. Schubert toys with the audience pulling them out and then slamming them back into the groove.

4. Doorly – "Crescen-doh! (Original Mix)" [Cajual Records]
This is a new track from Doorly off of the second installment of the Cajual vs Relief compilation. The hollow, throaty, rolling bass line and layers upon layers of percussive elements give it a great assembly line feel. Each small break is another stage in the process of creating the final product, energy. It is a tirelessly maintained machine that keeps on grinding, never missing a beat.

3. Marco Bailey – "Black Cave (Original Mix)" [MBR Limited]
The legendary Marco Bailey brings us a deep techno roller off his new Wildfire EP. Bailey has presented us with two original tracks and a remix from Nikola Gala that will be burning up dance floors like, well, wildfire! I chose "Black Cave" because it exudes that deep dark resonating techno energy that I love. Bailey guides us through the cave, gradually shedding light on every stalagmite, stalactite, and hidden treasure along the way. Get your spelunking gear on for this one because Black Cave goes deep.

2. Rødhåd – "Like Tears In The Rain (Original Mix)" [Dystopian]
Originally released on vinyl back in December, the Soliloquy EP has eight tracks from different artists on the Dystopian label roster. I picked out this psychedelic techno bloomer from Rødhåd because of its calm, assertive, power. I really love how he filters and flanges the acidic, growly bass.

1. Harvey McKay – "The Cure (Original Mix)" [Drumcode]
This is a sexy track from Harvey McKay’s latest EP, Glasgow Safari, out now on Drumcode. McKay seamlessly blends the silky seductive vocals on top of the hard-hitting techno to create this dance floor fire starter. The breakdown is a slow motion snake of energy that slithers through the room, coils itself around the crowd and then strikes with full force on the drop.

Here is the entire chart for your listening enjoyment:

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