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Top Techno Chart (2/3/15)

Top Techno Chart (2/3/15)

Hello Magnetic readers. I hope you are all recovering well from Super Bowl Sunday. I personally didn’t watch but heard all about the way it ended. Maybe you took a sick day on Monday because you overexerted yourself yelling at the tv. Luckily, here at Magnetic, we never rest to give you the best new music. So whether your team won, lost, or you didn’t even watch the game, these tunes are sure to get you back to full power and keep you going until next weekend. Let’s get into the first Top Techno Chart of February!

10. Vincent Heist – "Go Hunting (Andy Notalez Remix)" [Electrovino Records]
This record is a no nonsense dance floor banger. I really like the tension Notalez creates in the build. After the simple yet powerful drop, he continues to layer the percussive elements adding more and more gas to the fire.

9. Energun – "Scan Function (Xhin Remix)" [Intellighenzia Electronica]
This track is something you would expect to see on the soundtrack to Akira. When I listen to it I can’t help but feel like I am in a bustling futuristic city with flying cars and massive skyscrapers with flashing lights and moving advertisements for the newest ocular implant from Google. There is non-stop energy so it is not for the faint of heart.

8. 2000 and One – "Ethics (Len Faki Edit)" [Figure]
2000 and One released the original Ethics in 1998 and Len Faki has made the perfect edit for 2015. Faki has kept the spirit of the original track but made a few modifications and a really great polishing with more modern electronic music production technology.

7. Ghosteffects – "Move You (Original Mix)" [Sex Cult]
Move You is a dark and grimy techno grinder. The calm and commanding vocals with the dramatic melody are guaranteed to keep you moving the whole night.

6. J&S Project – "Slash (Fracticious Remix)" [Beat Therapy Records]
I have always been a fan of songs with manipulated vocal samples. This track is a great specimen of vocal manipulation. The breakdown pulls you into the mind of a madman with echoing voices layered over each other turning into what almost sounds like laughter in the background.

5. Hunter/Game – "Bermuda (Original Mix)" [Kompakt]
This is a nice, airy, minimal track that has been doing really well on the Beatport top 100. It is not an imposing banger, but a delicate bloomer with a techno core. You can hear what sounds like waves splashing on a beach while the melodic effects carry you away.

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4. Jaceo – "Eros 112 (Original Mix)" [Kinetika Records]
For a little tech house flavor in the chart this week, we have Jaceo. This track has a strong tech foundation with a rolling bass line that pushes you to move. The horn samples and steady beat give it a little bit of a jazzy feel.

3. Kink – "Fantasia (Truncate Remix)" [Pets Recordings]
You can feel the underlying energy as this track begins. It has a very slow build, teasing you as each element is unveiled and then the beast is unleashed. The kick comes in at full power and the energy pumps through you.

2. Abyssal Chaos – "Theatre Of The Damned (Original Mix)" [Advanced]
This is a massive track off Abyssal Chaos’ debut EP, Illusions. The whole song has an impending doom feeling. It sounds like a battle moving closer and closer to the city gates. During the breakdown a lone horn blows, echoing throughout the ranks, and the marching beat kicks in as the siege begins.

1. Pig&Dan – "Shapes On Horizon (Original Mix)" [Elevate]
This is just one of the tracks on the latest 3 track EP from Pig&Dan, Argentina. All three tracks have their own unique feel to them, and are also chart worthy, but I just had to go with the one that made my eardrum vibrate in that special way. Shapes On Horizon is dark and heavy with a perfect balance of hypnotic syncopated effects on top of the four to the floor beat. The tension is controlled masterfully throughout the record with a nice dissolve out at the end. Pig&Dan have been and will continue to be champions of techno.

Mix of the week: Drumcode Radio 233 – Dubspeeka Live from NFR Club, Montpellier
After the great success of his EP release, Primary, Dubspeeka takes over Drumcode Radio. The whole mix is choc full of dark and heavy techno. Beyer says at the beginning of the mix that he is “pretty sure 2015 will be his year.” I can’t agree more! Be sure to download it so you can rock it anywhere you go. See you all next week for another Top Techno Chart!

Here is the entire playlist for your enjoyment:

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