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Top Tropical House/Chill Chart 2.13.15

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Top Tropical House/Chill Chart 2.13.15

Let's all make out. Whether or not you have a boo this weekend to spend too much money on I think we can all agree on one thing, we love music. I wanna shout it from a mountain top the feels are so real and I ain't mad it. The biggest songs in our life are often times about wrenching heartbreak and butterfly birthing fly love.

It's no mistake that Grammy wins are born of loves lost, Sam Smith can attest to that. Music accentuates both sides of the table and everything in between but it's always there to make things better no matter what.

So this weekend whether you're puting together that v-day sexy jams playlist, shaking what your mama gave ya with your single friends at a show or getting all hot and bothered in the theater to the awesome Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack we are all making this weekend a little more lovely with some awesome heart beats of the tunes we love.

These songs don't have some sort of cheesy Valentine's Day theme, I just like them. I don't wanna say love because we kinda just met but I think I wanna bring them home to my mom. I love you all.

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