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Unofficial Jack U Video Surfaces

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EXCLUSIVE: Llama Footage Actually Jack U Video

Clever, clever marketing guys. We thought that llama footage was actually news too. Turns out, it's the new Jack U video.

Before the Jack U album dropped, raw footage leaked from an upcoming video from the new Jack U single with Justin Bieber. You actually might have seen the footage without even knowing it. Those llamas running around? Yeah, Jack U. Just listen to the lyrics... it totally makes sense. The footage didn’t contain edits or audio at the time it was leaked as "news", but now we have the full edit.

Seemingly a tale of betrayal, but also a tale of love. Justin Bieber teamed up with Jack Ü for the new song “Where Are Ü Now”. The video above clearly captures the story beautifully.

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We imagine the white llama is Jack U saving and leading Bieber from his lost, destructive path. However, the argument could clearly be made that the video represents the merging of Skrillex and Diplo alone (sans Bieber).

The video is made to appear as ABC news footage and the duo seems to have cleverly marketing the raw footage as such, fooling many news stations yesterday.

Why they chose llamas for the metaphor is a mystery to us, but hey, that’s Jack U. You just never know what these two will do once they get together.

Then again, it's not the first time Diplo has called himself a llama...

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