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Magnetic's Miami Dispatch: Welcome To Miami!

Welcome To Miami

Magnetic Magazine's Miami Dispatch: Welcome To Miami!

The Miami music scene is unlike any other in the United States. Some city ordinances and state laws have allowed for the club scene to grow in ways unique to South Florida. 24-hour liquor licenses and the legality of smoking indoors have eliminated the need for after-hours parties and smoking sections, the byproduct of this is the elimination of flocks of hipsters hanging out in the smoking section on their cell phones. Without a designated area to do this, people are forced to smoke cigarettes and post up on their cell-phones while on the dance-floor – which makes you look quite boring, so, no one does it.

These small nuances have allowed for the South Beach club scene to form its own culture, one that seemingly transcends the clichés of the American club scene. The dance-floors are filled with people actually dancing, not with people looking up at the DJ in awe of the light show and not entranced with the light from their smart-phone screen. Having just recently relocated to Miami from the West Coast, I still find myself thoroughly impressed by this city's ability to get down.


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The first time I went to the world famous Space Miami, it was for the first night of Hideout’s new weekly in the Loft. It's always interesting to see how new nights fare, and the Hideout crew killed it. Just after midnight the line outside the club was spilling out of the security ropes. The club had been open for an hour and the main room was already filling up. The majority of the clubbers were passing the time by getting down to the Latin/House grooves in the main room while they waited for the Loft to Open. I had never been to Space, so it took me a second to figure out the layout of the club. I went to the Bar at the far end of the club.

It took about fifteen minutes for the Loft to fill out to a comfortable density and by one it was packed. The Techno groove was thick. The blue lighting was employed in a mature, minimalistic, yet effective manner. The vibe was set. There was no reprieve from the bass-line, nowhere for you to sit with your friends and feel cool for simply being at the night. No, the night was thrown in your face. And it was awesome.


For a banging night out, it was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed making my way across the dance-floor and seeing that everyone there was having as much fun as I was. The crowd flowed in circles; The DJs weren't the center of attention, they were facilitators of the evening -- And they did their job well. As a result, the sexual energy was palpable. Groups mingled, most of the patrons danced like there was no tomorrow, and everyone smiled.

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