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Zedd & Selena Gomez Collab Bigger Than 'Clarity'?

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Photo from via Zedd's Facebook Page

Zedd & Selena Gomez Collab Bigger Than 'Clarity'?

If there's one thing you already know, it's that Zedd can make a pop hit. After gaining massive mainstream success for "Clarity," he's back and this time he's got Selena Gomez and OneRepublic one his side.

"I Want You To Know" is led by strong vocals from Selena Gomez and supported by progressive synths and a clap-track. It's a proven formula in today's music world where progressive house has (de)progressed into pop music. There might not be a ton of identity on the track, and we can only assume OneRepublic's contribution is on writing, but the pieces fit together as well as Zedd and Gomez on Instagram (see "Are Selena Gomez & Zedd More Than Friends?").

The single is the first off Zedd's follow-up album due this Spring. With so much star power and production polish, it's sure to become a Top 40 hit, perhaps even more so than "Clarity."

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Zedd had been previously reported by People Magazine as working with Gomez on the release of her own album, and with a Grammy Award already achieved, he is clearing leading the way on the EDM/pop crossover.

Stream below and purchase on iTunes.

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