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A New 'What So Not' Launching At SXSW?

New 'What So Not' Emerging At SXSW?

Yes, Flume broke up What So Not when he departed "creatively" from Emoh Instead last month. We weren't quite sure whether or not this would mean the end of the name though. Now with OWSLA's big parties coming to SXSW, we can see Emoh take sole command of the name and perhaps drop some big new tunes.

What So Not (aka Emoh Instead) will be playing the OWSLA SXSW Showcase along with Milo and Otis, Salva, Valentino Khan and Carmada. (Check out that tribute to Leonard Nimoy!).

Speakeasy Kabaret
412 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX

Emoh will again be on the decks as What So Not for the for the OWSLA IHEARTCOMIX Showcase with the same crew.

603 Red River St
Austin, TX

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Another indicator that What So Not is not dead is the latest Facebook updates on the official page. The photo has been updated to a shot of Emoh who has said he's "back on the grind" with "new music asap."

The OWSLA performances at SXSW could very likely be the place where What So Not is reborn.

New 'What So Not' Emerging At SXSW?

New 'What So Not' Emerging At SXSW?

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