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Are Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris A Thing?


Is Taylor Swift Dating Calvin Harris?

Nobody knows for sure if this Hairlor thing is actually a thing, but when you match your clothes, it must mean something.

Entertainment Tonight posted the above photo showing the two... birds together as they frolicked through Nashville. Harris has a bag which means they could have been shopping together, not what you'd expect from a music-collaboration relationship.

We'd also expect that Harris has a lifetime supply of underwear already which means that's probably not what he was buying.

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Maybe he just wanted to change into a new shirt after they realized how much they matched.

Who knows. It's impossible to tell and impossible not to wonder.

Taylor Swift was previously seen with Diplo (Swiflo, Diploswift, etc.) at the Grammy's seemingly squashing their beef. So who knows what to make of this.

The Huffington Post does mention they were rumored to be flirting at the Brit Awards though. The tweets come from @HarrisBrasil which is not Calvin Harris' official handle.

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