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Axwell Λ Ingrosso Reveal Album Timeline


Axwell Λ Ingrosso To Finish Album By Summer

What should you expect on the new Axwell Λ Ingrosso album? Not any vocals from Sebastian Ingrosso. In an interview with BBC's Zane Lowe he attempts to sing and it's not pretty.

The duo (essentially two-thirds of Swedish House Mafia) also drops a timeline for their new album. But despite Lowe's best efforts, they remained mum on a title, only indicating they wanted to have the album finished by summer.

"We need to finish (the album) before the summer. Because when summer starts it’s game over."

But while the mystery behind the album remains largely intact, Lowe did get the duo to reveal some of their past which helps paint the picture of what we might expect on the album.

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Ingrosso in particular discusses the arduous process behind "Calling" with Ryan Tedder. Ingrosso describes reworking the track to a point where it needed a vocalist like Tedder who ended up changing a line on the track but only after realizing the power of the instrumental at a nightclub.

“I was listening to the record back and forth for a month…" Ingrosso said reliving his unease with the initial mix, "I’m like, there’s something… there’s something..."

Patience though is something the two seem to be familiar with. Axwell, staying serious through laughter, tells Lowe "we didn’t have that overnight ‘oh my god we’re in a hotel and there’s money everywhere’. It was a long grind."

We wouldn't expect the process on the new album to be any easier. If anything, there's more pressure than ever on the duo due to their past success and upcoming headlining shows at both Coachella and Ultra. Either way though, these guys just want to share their music with the masses.

“I remember when I was in the studio many years ago," Ingrosso recalls, "with Steve [Angello] and [Axwell] and we were smoking cigarettes and we were listening back to the songs in the hallway and we were like, ‘please, if some DJ who has a gig with real audience playing our songs then I’m done. I’m happy with that.’”

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