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BeachGlow Charity Festival Booted From City

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Festival For Charity Forced From City

When a party gets cancelled, do you just give up and go home? Hell no. You find somewhere else. And that's exactly what BeachGlow has done.

The city of Wildwood, New Jersey allegedly decided to cancel it's existing approval for this year's BeachGlow festival. This wouldn't be all that surprising if BeachGlow was an ordinary electronic music festival, but it isn't.

BeachGlow is the only non-profit EDM concert producer in the country and it's sold-out 7,000 person crowd raised $40,000 for the American Red Cross last year. This year the festival is set to donate to Little Kids Rock.

“Unfortunately, some Wildwood business leaders unfairly equate BeachGlow with the negative stereotype of EDM music and don’t want us in their town, when in fact, BeachGlow actually stands for healthy, safe entertainment that supports worthy causes." - BeachGlow Founder and CEO Dane Kunkel

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More recently, an emotional Facebook message from the festival further assured fans of its intentions.

"We're not a bunch of greedy promoters looking to leave one city and date for another to make some extra money. This process has been extremely trying for us. We did the absolute best we could, and because none of us gets paid you can be sure that it's all from our hearts."

But like they say, one's loss is another's gain. BeachGlow will now take place in Atlantic City on June 27th. And the city is welcoming the festival with open arms.

"We’re thrilled to welcome BeachGlow to Atlantic City for its charitable fundraising event that will benefit Atlantic City as well." -Atlantic City Mayor Chief of Staff Chris Filiciello

BeachGlow was founded in 2012 by Dane Kunkel who was 16-years-old at the time. Their all-volunteer organization gives 100 percent of its proceeds to charity. Get tickets now and check out the 2015 charity Little Kids Rock.

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