Beyond Wonderland Was Beyond Wonderful

Beyond Wonderland Was Beyond Wonderful


Yo! Which way to Wonderland? Oh.

From fishnets to furry boots, the rave scene was never one I found appealing. I didn’t understand the concept of wearing candy and PLUR-ing it up with strangers dressed as unicorns, but this line of thinking ran off its tracks and into oblivion after experiencing my first rave.

I had no intention of attending Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, but a little peer pressure after a long week of work did the trick.

I woke up Friday morning and threw on an elaborately decorated Queen of Hearts bra. Once I met up with Alice and the rest of the crew, we were off to wonderland. And it really was a wonderland.

Beyond Wonderland Was Beyond Wonderful

Each tree cradled oddly shaped lights and if a light wasn’t in a tree, it was in the shape of a tree. Surrounded by the Cheshire Forest, 3D Blacklight Room and giant mushrooms, no one felt at all like themselves.

Standout sets of the first day include GTA, Tchami and Orchard Lounge in the Funk House. The Funk House was an undeniably great addition to the venue, providing a little change of scenery for those in need of it, but I do wish they called it the Funk Tank - it just rolls right off the tongue.

Friday’s one fluke came from Dillon Francis, who accidentally hit the power button during his set. Something like that would only happen to poor Dilly, but he apologized and continued with no further interruptions.

Beyond Wonderland Was Beyond Wonderful

Traffic the following day was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and that means a lot coming from a Southern California native. After missing Party Favor and Benny Benassi, we forced our driver to let us out on the highway and walked three miles to the festival.

Though I didn’t catch every show on Saturday, those who I saw worth mentioning include Brillz, Sub Focus, Slander and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, but when does it ever? It was an, overall, amazing experience. The Insomniac team knows how to put together an event to remember, I’m saving my candy and coming back. PLUR.

Beyond Wonderland Was Beyond Wonderful


Photo: Skyler Greene

Feature photo by aLIVE 

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