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Colleges Getting Schooled By Richie Hawtin Tour

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Colleges Getting Schooled By Richie Hawtin Tour

An electronic music tour is bringing equipment discounts, music classes and big performances to campuses this spring.

You probably already know that "underground" electronic music is heating up around the world. And you might even know Richie Hawtin, who is a pioneer of Detroit techno.

Hawtin is letting you get in on a trendy music party while touring with a handful of other artists like Dubfire and Dantiez Saunderson. You only have to be 18 to attend these shows.

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While the nightside parties will be the focus for many, the tour is also bringing in the Point Blank Music School and guest speakers like Grimes during the day to help you kick start your music career.

Even more helpful is that you can get discounts while lectures are going one through either Guitar Center or Moog Audio. Sponsors like Pioneer, Traktor (Native Instruments), Roland, AIAIAI, Beatport, DJ Techtools, Funktion One, Little Bits, Livid, Splice, and Subpac will also be unveiling and flaunting new products.

Pick up tickets for the parties here and see if the tour is stopping at school below. If they are, check them out.

April 15 - Boston Berklee College of Music / Middle East Downstairs
April 16 - Penn State Penn State University / Levels
April 17 - New York NYU / Webster Hall
April 18 - Montreal Concordia University / New City Gas
April 19 - Toronto University Of Toronto / Coda
April 22 - Seattle University Of Washington / Neptune Theatre
April 24 - San Francisco San Francisco State University / DNA
April 25 - Los Angeles UCLA / Hollywood Palladium

Colleges Getting Schooled By Richie Hawtin Tour

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