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Crichy Crich 'Stomped Out' For Borgore In Fight With Bouncers

Crichy Crich "Stomped Out" For Borgore In Fight Near SXSW


Random photo of Borgore not associated with event

Borgore posted "see you soon SXSW!" and then later "someone's getting sued" after a fight broke out according to

Another artist, Crichy Crich, tweeted out that the scuffle included a bouncer and added some gruesome details.

Crichy Crich "Got Stomped Out" For Borgore In Fight

Borgore followed that up with this own interpretation of the event

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Crichy Crich "Got Stomped Out" For Borgore In Fight reported that a previous tweet from Borgore was posted and deleted which stated "'A bouncer put me in a chokehold and I hit him with something fom the ground so he left me but someone’s getting sued.'"

It's unclear where exactly this took place, but a poster for that night notes the artists would be at Electric Lounge in Austin.

This fight seemingly involving bouncers comes after another fight reportedly between DJs and bouncers earlier this month in which a gun was reportedly pulled.

So what's the deal with all the violence at these shows between DJs and bouncers?

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