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Daft Punk Given A Totally New Look

Daft Punk Turned Into Wood

You’ve never seen, or likely imagined, Daft Punk quite like this. Not only have their helmets been removed, but Daft Punk have been completely stripped of something they’ve built their entire careers around - technology.

Xavier Veilhan has turned the duo into wood.

Simply called “Music,” the fellow Parisian artist has sculpted a realistic bust of the duo with helmets off as part of his “Producers” gallery. What do you think?

Daft PunkTurned Into Wood

But it’s not like Daft Punk were victims of some "Ernest Scared Stupid" style of sorcery. No, Daft Punk actually helped Veilhan with their own (re)conceptualization. Veilhan told The Creators Project that in his conversation with the digital duo, they actually suggested that he sculpt “the non-existing image” of them. And so he did.

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Photo labeled only as a work in progress.

The all natural sculpture is a little shorter than life-size and measures in at just over 5-feet tall (Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are around 6-feet in real life). It's title consists of the pair’s human names, fitting for the material.

Part of a larger “Producers” project, Veilhan has also sculpted icons like Brian Eno, Nigel Godrich, Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rick Rubin and Philippe Zdar, and more. How about that for a stacked lineup?

Far removed from their digitalized veil, the ultimate irony of the project is that Veilhan actually used hi-tech 3D printing technology to make natural, wooden sculpture of the artificial French duo. Not to blow your mind on a Saturday, but just let that sink in for a few minutes.

Since the 1990’s, Xavier Veilhan has developed a multi-form approach to sculpture, painting, performance, video and photography. The Daft Punk sculpture is being exhibited at Galerie Perrotin, New York (909 Madison Avenue, NY 10021) through April 11th.

Top two photos by Diane Arques

HT: The Creators Project

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