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deadmau5 Unveils Nyanborghini Purracan Template


deadmau5 Shows Off Purracan Template

deadmau5 Shows Off Purracan Template

deadmau5 told us the Purracan was coming… and now he has something to show for it. In a photo uploaded to IG, the artist with an affinity for feline autos showed off a template.

The long-teased Nyamborghini design (seen below) comes off previous Tweets from deadmau5 involving his Meowlcaren P1 that was supposed to be delivered the other week.

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Of course this all comes after he had to remove the catskin on his famous Purrari which he later sold.

While we wait for the new Meowclaren P1 and more news about this Nyanborghini Purracan, you can at least check out a previously posted mock-up of what it might look like.

deadmau5 Shows Off Purracan Template

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