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deadmau5 Throws Shade On 'Greatest Saves' List

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deadmau5 Throws Shade On 'Greatest Saves' List

deadmau5 just listed the top 3 "greatest saves of all time" on Twitter, and #1 is quite the stinger.

Everyone needs a save every now and then. I was on a date a while ago that devolved into complete conversation nothingness. Desperate for a save, I threw out religion and politics - nothing. I even tried talking about a flyer on the window for a cat costume contest. Still nothing. No save there, strangely.

Sometimes we get a save a sometimes we don't. In this list, deadmau5 shows off some epic moments of when the save did come through. Check it out and let us know who you think needs saving next.

#3 - Truly, literally, a save

deadmau5 Throws Shade On 'Greatest Saves' List

#2 - Hey, he's from Canada after all.

deadmau5 Throws Shade On 'Greatest Saves' List

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#1 OUCH! Way worse than any bad date!

deadmau5 Throws Shade On 'Greatest Saves' List

This came after one of his tracks was used without his permission by the band Neon Hitch. The track is largely now found featuring his credit. But if that weren't enough, he released the track himself with Colleen D'agostino to overshadow the early misuse. At the time, deadmau5 stated:

"I've been hearing alot about this Neon Hitch track… so i looked into it… holy shit. what do you know… its actually Seeya Next Tuesday. now ask me if i ever asked them to write / "sing" on it…. yeah… no.  i didn't."

The Steve Jobs / Apple save may in fact be the greatest save of all time in this writer's opinion, but these are solid nevertheless.

And in a recent great save, Justin Bieber was rescued by Jack Ü with this gem from the duo's new album:

So what do you think is the greatest save? And who could use one?

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