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Did New Artist-Owned Music Service Tidal Rip Off Artist?


Jay-Z's New Music Service Accused Of 'Ripping Off' Artist

Well that didn't take long. The new music service Tidal, partially owned by artists like Daft Punk and deadmau5, was accused of ripping off an artist before the service even launched.

This would be quite the irony if true, as the new service seeks to be more financially supportive to artists with its pay-only subscriptions. But really, did Tidal rip off anything?

The complaint was issued by the dark and atmospheric artist Haxan Cloak hours before the service relaunched. His issue wasn't with the service itself, but rather the teaser video's choice of music. While he admitted the video didn't directly use his material, he clearly finds their uncredited inspiration upsetting.

Jay-Z's New Music Service Accused Of 'Ripping Off' Artist

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This sentiment was echoed just as harshly by Tri Angle Records who used the words "very shit" and "totally rip off".

Did New Artist-Owned Music Service 'Totally Rip Off' Artist?

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Pitchfork initially reported the story and say the tracks most closely associated to the teaser video are "Mara" and "Mirror Reflecting Part 1". We took a listen to both and you can too below. In all honesty it would be a stretch for us to say anyone was "ripped off" here. The video makers were likely inspired by Haxan Cloak as music does use similar sounds, but is that really enough?

The whole thing brings us back to the hot music topic of 2015 which seems to be using music without permission. The "Blurred Lines" controversy brought some good thoughts from Laidback Luke, who warned that throwing around too many copyright lawsuits might hinder or have a chilling effect on creativity. It's worth noting nobody yet has been sued in the case of this video.

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