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Dillon Francis Collabing With Skrillex & Calvin Harris?


Dillon Francis Collabing With Skrillex & Calvin Harris?

Meet Dill & Skrill

How many different directions can Dillon Francis go? He just posted that his moombahton collaboration with Skrillex is complete along with vocals from Maluca Mala. But if that weren't enough, he also hinted at upcoming tracks with Bro Safari and Calvin Harris.

Been hard at work with @skrillex trying to finish our moombahton song & we finally got @malucamala to vocal it and it sounds amazing.. So I'm gonna wrap up that plus one with @brosafari, some solo ones & maybe one with a dude who's last name rhymes with Flarris.....soooooo the Moombahton EP should be coming early summer I think :) ... To tide you over here's a little diddy @skrillex and I made in mexico

A video posted by Dillon Francis (@dillonfrancis) on Mar 6, 2015 at 11:48am PST

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Moombahton has been making a little bit of a comeback lately but this would certainly help it along. Of course, knowing Dillon "DJ Hanzel" Francis, he could be referring to just about anyone as "Flarris". What we mean is, he's the kind of guy who would rhyme things with orange, so just be careful.

Dillon Francis has his roots in moombahton so this EP should certainly be one to keep an eye on. Though we wouldn't be surprised if he started getting into grime a little bit now too, you know, given that Stööki Sound "educated" him about the genre in his hotel room recently.

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