Disbehave With Worthy's Awesome Twofer Remix Album!


It is a friendly affair on Worthy's bold twofer remix package of his debut album Disbehave, and when you have friends the way Worthy does, it ends up being a rather star-studded artistic roster!

"I strived to get excellent remixes on this package and I hit up old school friends like Matt Tolfrey, who actually put out one of my first records on Left Room and Stanton Warriors, Thugfucker and also some of the newer guys like Will Clarke and ADMN," said Worthy when I sat down to chat up the release.

If you are not familiar with Worthy's album Disbehave, it was released last year on Worthy's label Anabatic and was a bold step by Worthy to go against the norm and make an album that was truly his and not simply an album that fits in.

Naturally, it is a house album with extreme emphasis on bass, exactly what you would expect of Worthy but there is also an abundance of serenity and beauty. It is overall an album that takes you to some place, and the bold remixes live up to that original intention and more.

Not one for convention, and since he had a huge response of excellent remixes from his friends when he put the word out, Worthy boldly broke this remix album in two. As a listener and a fan, I find this to be a refreshing way to go about presenting a remix album. It gives you a chance to really consider each remix, rather than feeling like it was merely fulfilling an industry standard of the obligatory album remix.

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Do you feel the remixes get at the essence of what you originally intended with the album? Dare I say, did you get everyone Disbehaving?
Worthy: I wanted them to take what I gave them and do something that was themselves. They took the essence of Disbehave and everyone did an excellent job and I really love every remix on the package. They took those elements and really created something cool. Everyone is pretty different and nothing is similar in any way which I really love.

I was really trying to create an album that would move and take you places that I actually think the remix album in a sense has the same essence behind it. Maybe it’s from the tracks that I produced that took in different directions. I pushed everyone to do something a little different.

Keeping it short and sweet, part 1 of the remix album is available now. Give it a listen and definitely make the worthwhile purchase. Part 2 drops on March 17th. The full roster of Worthy's top notch and thoughtful remixers for Disbehave Remix Part 1 and 2 are as follows:

Stanton Warriors
Yolanda Be Cool
Matt Tolfrey
Nick Monaco
Walker & Royce
DJ Icey
Tom Budden
Saeed Younan
Aaron Snapes
Smalltown DJS
Jason Burns
Bachelors of Science
Will Clarke


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