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DJ AM Movie Finally Premiering At Festival


DJ AM Movie Finally Premiering At Festival

Nearly two years after the trailer debuted, the director of the "The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience" is finally releasing his DJ AM documentary.

DJ AM at Serato X from Serato on Vimeo.

"As I AM: the Life and Times of DJ AM," will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival (April 15-26). DJ AM died of an apparent drug overdose in 2009. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Aoki called AM his "guru in life" and a "really solid compassionate human being" during an EDM Biz panel where the trailer debuted in 2013. The synopsis via Tribeca reads:

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Adam Goldstein, better known as DJ AM, was a man with deep passions and aggressive demons. As I AM is an insider’s look into the life of the late, famed mash-up pioneer: his professional successes that made him the first million-dollar deejay in the United States and his incredibly complex personal life that was lived under the specter of drug addiction.

The documentary has a connection with Kerslake as well, as a DJ AM set is included in "The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience" and Kerslake previously told The Village Voice that AM and EDM pioneer Pasquale Rotella grew up together.

The Hollywood Reporter also previously noted that portion of the proceeds for the DJ AM documentary "will go to the DJ AM Memorial Fund to be channeled to MusiCares’ addiction and recovery services".

The trailer isn't available yet to the public, but you can check out DJ AM on decks above and the EDC Experience trailer below. You can also grab tickets to the Tribeca Film Fest.

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