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Ecstasy Legalized In Ireland (For Real)


Ecstasy Legalized In Ireland (For Real)

Ireland has legalized "ecstasy, benzodiazepines and new psychoactive substances, so-called ‘headshop drugs'” according to TIME.

Apparently, a court decision found the previous law banning those drugs unconstitutional. But while their possession will "cease to be an offense", the "sale and supply" is still illegal. Other drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana remain banned.

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Any hope that Ireland will become an ecstasy paradise was quickly shot down however with the Minister of Health promising to push through emergency legislation banning possession of the now-legalized drugs.

The new legislation is expected to be passed by Thursday at 12 a.m. according to reports. Therefore, the finding the previous law was unconstitutional seems, at least for now, to be merely a formality. That said, it still makes possession of the aforementioned drugs legal for the time being.

In other words, ecstasy currently legal to posses in Ireland... marijuana still illegal all around. Weed just can't seem to win.

Source: TIME
Source: Irish Times

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