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First Calvin Harris, Now LA Riots Influencing Fashion


Another Fashion Brand Turns To EDM

EDM hasn't really been seen as very sophisticated in the eyes of outsiders, but that's continuing to change with major fashion brands.

The look of the culture, once associated with phat pants (maybe still with phat pants?) and kandi bracelets has literally stripped itself down to a clearner, more Calvin level. Now, Arnette Eyewear has thrown on peak time producer LA Riots.

The move into mainstream fashion seems but another inevitable step in electronic music's integration into popular culture.

It would be easy to view this as artists selling out to the highest bidder and using their influence to merely advertise products to those who treat them as gods, but that would be to overlook the sense of style within the culture.

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Anyone thinking electronic music is a trend should, perhaps, throw on some eyewear of their own. The Western world's trendsetters are rooted in the culture, and DJs are only beginning to show off their style in the limelight.

Arnette Eyewear is certainly benefitting from the power of LA Riots, but there's no doubt it's a sharp and fitting look (he's wearing the Cross Fade btw). And it's another example that EDM is far more than fur boots and kandi. The impact is real.

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